Outside the box...out of your comfort zone...shake things up!  Those are all just a few saying we have heard in our lifetimes refering to change and what is positive for the soul.  Perhaps my favorite of all time however is “ Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”,  said by personal trainer turned celebrity, Jillian Michaels, those words could not ring anymore true.  We as people like the idea of comfort.  We like knowing what is before us and the idea of routine.  Afterall if you know how to do something and do it well it builds confidence and allows you to shine brighter.  However what it often does not allow you to do is branch out and grow.  When I say grow I mean in different forms, through different outlets.   Most of us may not be exactly happy with everything that we are doing in life.  A lot of times this unhappiness is the mundane routine of our jobs that we feel we need to stay at because it is our source of income and means for survival.  Lets face it, it also is what allows us to take vacations and buy the finer things in life.  But how do you know that there is something else that you are extremely talented at, that you enjoy doing if you never branch out and explore the unknown also known as  the uncomfortable?  The fact is you don’t.  But most of us stay within the boundry lines of our daily routine, our job we may hate and the city we live in because it is what we know.

The first thing you need to remind yourself if you find that you are one of these people(most of us are) is  “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!”  Realize that sometimes in order to grow we have to believe in ourselves and trust our abilities to make a change and find what truly makes us happy.   Life is way too short to never explore,to never really get out there and take leaps and risks.  Life should not just be an existence but a happy enjoyable time here on this Earth surrounded by the people we love and care about.  

Make it your daily mantra.  Repeat it to yourself when you feel the depths of routine weighing down on you. Today is the day to “GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE” We only get this one life…. start living it to it’s fullest potential!  


Possibly one of my favorite artists of all time is Charles Bansky.  His expression through his art and his simplistic style catch the eye of many and the attention of everyone!  I recently came across the above picture as a friend of mines post on my instagram feed.  It speaks volumes of truth in so many ways.  It interprets where we are in the world as a country, nation, and as people.  This picture basically is a representation of oil.  It depicts the way America has moved to other countries to strip them of their oil to create a false leadership for the United States.  We are no more in control then if we didn’t have everyone else’s oil.  In fact we are now the bully in the equation and nobody likes a bully!! Our Nation is no longer about all of us being brother’s and sister’s or that humanity is unified and we have compassion, emotion, and a duty to each other to treat everyone equally.  No, our nation is instead split into groups who think they are better than the next.  So if we really can’t gain a strong presence and foundation throughout the world we may as well take everyone’s oil and prove that we are leaders!?

In the wake of the many natural disasters that have occurred recently, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, floods etc. we have still not found anymore unity.  There are those that get out there and make a difference, that feel for the people that have no homes, cars, food or clean water.  But still the number is higher for those that turn a blind eye simply because they are not in that severe of a position in the wake of a huge natural disaster.  

This picture spoke volumes to me when I first saw it on my news feed.  The caption my friend provided made me think and feel even more.  At the same time I realized how powerful of an expression art is.  How it can speak volumes by a simple drawing or painting and really create a bigger awareness of problems and issues.  So thank you Charles Bansky for being a beautiful artist, for expressing the underlying truth of the world we live in and for adding so much more depth to a life that is beginning to only be a surface facade.

I wanted to add a different perspective to my previous post. We all don't necessarily see the world in the same light, so it's good to get out of how we perceive it, and look at through different eyes.

I cam across this video the other day and it's pretty hilarious, its not really totally applicable, but I think it adds some good contrast to my literal interpretations. Be warned that it may not be for all audiences. Enjoy

One of the most influential re-tellers of fairy tales is Walt Disney. Disney and his cartoon movies of classic tales like "Snow White" have become world famous and what many think of when they think about fairy tales. It is true that without Disney interpretations of these fairy tales that many around the world would not know about these classic stories, but one must analyze what Disney does to the traditional stories that makes them so appealing. Walt Disney is a re-teller of these tales so there are elements of his re-tellings that are different from the way these tales were told before his movies

pushed fairy tales into the limelight. One of the biggest differences is that Disney tended to focus on and emphasize the importance of love and romantic relationships in many of his interpretations of traditional fairy tales. While in many traditional versions of stories like "Snow White" and "Sleeping Beauty" the love aspect is not the central focus, Disney plays up the romance and makes it the central theme of his version of the tales. Looking at the traditional versions of these tales and them comparing them to the Disney versions shows that while Walt Disney became an extremely famous re-teller of fairy tales, his emphasis on love and romance fundamentally changes the interpretation of these classic fairy tales.  This fundamental difference between the classic fairy tales and Walt Disney's re-tellings changes the purpose of the tales on the audience that reads and watches these tales. Through the examination of Disney's re-tellings of traditional fairy tales such as "Snow White," "Sleeping Beauty," and "Beauty and the Beast" it is clear to see that his emphasis on the love aspect of these tales truly changes much of the story.


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Today I metaphorically leave the womb and enter the interspace as a newborn with my first post to this site. This will not be a riveting story or interpretation from yours truly, but simply a bold statement letting you know I'm here.


Im here...