About Us

Well this more about me...Neko. However there are few others that represent me. Not in any imposter type of way, but simply in an effort to help me produce more content online for you, the reader. My vision for nekos think box, is to make it a place to share abstract ideas and concepts. I want to analyze life, movies, books, stories and more through a series of posts. I feel as though my mind is a bit spastic and all over the place so hopefully my assistants from time to time can keep me on track. I believe there is a lot to explore through thought, and I will do my best to navigate my thoughts as eloquently as possible. I am an avid reader so I my occasionally site old literature many of which I suggest my readers explore. There is a lot of value in the classic literature of our ancestors. If you have questions at any point while on the site feel free to contact me, however be warned that I am slow to respond. Please be friendly and courteous if you are to comment or contact me via email. There is not enough time to get caught up in petty fighting.

Thanks for stopping by!