Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Lamps seem to be just about everywhere these days.  You can even purchase Himalayan Pink Sea Salt in natural food based stores such as Trader Joe’s.  The pink salt is said to have all of your antioxidants in it when consumed.  So what is it about these Pink Salt lamps and what is the low down on them?

The most important factor and why most people are attracted to these natural lamps is because of their ability to cleanse and deodorize the air.   Himalayan Salt Lamps have the power to remove dust, pollen, smoke and other types of particles and contaminants from the air.  How do they do this?  It is through a process called Hygroscopy.  Hygroscopy is the process in which the salt attracts the water molecules from the surrounding environment and is able to act as a filter and absorb those molecules.  The lamp becomes heated due to the light bulb in it’s center and is able to filter out the foreign particles which stay trapped in the salt of the lamp.  The clean water molecules are then released back into the environment producing cleaner air.  

These beautiful lamps are also capable of reducing allergy and asthma related symptoms.  Because of it’s ability to filter out the foreign particles in the air a lot of allergens and positive ions are removed as  well. Positive ions are mostly created from the multitude of electronics we constantly have surrounding us.  They are harmful to us when inhaled because they help to make the little hairs that protect our windpipe from allowing toxins into our lungs sluggish.  When these little hairs become sluggish they then allow for more toxins to filter through.  The lamp is able to absorb these positive ions and thus release negative ions back into our surrounding environment.  The negative ions are beneficial to our health and much better for us to inhale.  

Lastly they also help boost energy levels.  When we go on a beautiful hike, or ride our bike in nature, or simply put our feet in the ocean negative ions are produced.  As you recall negative ions are beneficial to us and in turn help to create adrenaline and energy in our systems.  With the filtration process that happens through the lamp turning those positive ions into negative ones it thus produces energy boosting benefits!

Adding natural things to our daily lives that benefit our overall health and also our mind are key to longevity.  With all of the electronics, and preservative produced food it is crucial that we use and practice as many natural techniques as possible to help benefit our mind, body and souls!!