Health Benefits Of Traveling

There are many things in life that bring us joy, happiness, or a sense of freedom and energy.  One that I can speak for personally is travel.  Travel creates some of the best teachings and experiences that life has to offer.  It allows you to explore other places, people and things.  Different scenery, different weather norms.  It allows us to experience what is new to us but common life for other people.  However, that is not all that travel has to offer.  Travel is also great for your health in all aspects really, mind, body and soul.

 Travel helps us take a step back from hectic everyday life.  It allows us to relax and de-stress in an environment other than our own.  It helps us to step away from schedules, and to do list’s and duties.  A friend of mine who does Hawaii nature tours on the island of Oahu, told me that halfway into her tour she starts to see people visibly relax.  They look at the beauty around them and kind of lose themselves in the moment of where they are and what they are seeing.  She said it’s actually quite incredible to see.

Another health benefit is that travel actually decreases the risk of heart disease.  Yes because of the de-stressing and relaxation benefits traveling produces, and the mere fact it helps us step away and decompress from constant everyday stresses, it promotes heart health and lowers your risk of heart disease.  In a study done those that traveled less and took less time off work tended to have higher heart disease risk factors.

Traveling also helps us reconnect to what really matters.  Often in everyday life's hustle and bustle we start to neglect the things that we really enjoy or that are most important to us.  Taking a walk on the beach or doing that awesome hike while on vacation helps us reconnect with nature.  Also planning a trip with a loved one or partner helps  us to spend quality time with each other and enjoy interacting with one another.

In light of the freeing effects, travel seems to help us increase our spontaneity and self discovery.  Being exposed to new things and new adventures helps us to live outside our comfort zones and try new things.  It is also found that because you feel relaxed and a little more free on vacation your guard is down a bit and you are open to try new things.  Like surfing in Hawaii, or snowboarding in the Utah mountains.  In doing new things you then discover more about yourself.  You may even find new passions or hobbies.  

The exposure to new cultures is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of traveling in my opinion.  By exploring new places and countries, you are exposed to how people live, eat, interact, and spend their free time.  You see how another part of the world lives and what is the norm for them.  From housing, to food preparation, and the types of food they eat.  It’s quite amazing to learn about other people's ways of life on this planet that we share.  

With cultural exposure comes education.  Traveling is perhaps one of the best forms of education out there.  It gives the individual first hand experience at different religions, food, history, and beliefs.  Having this type of exposure helps us submerge ourselves in the entirety of it and experience it for ourselves.

Traveling is something that can be enjoyed solo or with others.  It can lead us to find our passions in life or to make that big move into the unknown and toward something new.  It allows our mind, body and souls to align and enjoy life in that moment.  It frees us from life's constraints and allows us to reconnect with ourselves.  Mind, Body, Soul!