The Great Charles Bansky


Possibly one of my favorite artists of all time is Charles Bansky.  His expression through his art and his simplistic style catch the eye of many and the attention of everyone!  I recently came across the above picture as a friend of mines post on my instagram feed.  It speaks volumes of truth in so many ways.  It interprets where we are in the world as a country, nation, and as people.  This picture basically is a representation of oil.  It depicts the way America has moved to other countries to strip them of their oil to create a false leadership for the United States.  We are no more in control then if we didn’t have everyone else’s oil.  In fact we are now the bully in the equation and nobody likes a bully!! Our Nation is no longer about all of us being brother’s and sister’s or that humanity is unified and we have compassion, emotion, and a duty to each other to treat everyone equally.  No, our nation is instead split into groups who think they are better than the next.  So if we really can’t gain a strong presence and foundation throughout the world we may as well take everyone’s oil and prove that we are leaders!?

In the wake of the many natural disasters that have occurred recently, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, floods etc. we have still not found anymore unity.  There are those that get out there and make a difference, that feel for the people that have no homes, cars, food or clean water.  But still the number is higher for those that turn a blind eye simply because they are not in that severe of a position in the wake of a huge natural disaster.  

This picture spoke volumes to me when I first saw it on my news feed.  The caption my friend provided made me think and feel even more.  At the same time I realized how powerful of an expression art is.  How it can speak volumes by a simple drawing or painting and really create a bigger awareness of problems and issues.  So thank you Charles Bansky for being a beautiful artist, for expressing the underlying truth of the world we live in and for adding so much more depth to a life that is beginning to only be a surface facade.